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Invitation from Don Eduardo Chura Apaza

“Hello Sandor,
Good afternoon. I also greet national and international friends. Good afternoon to all of you, and welcome to this moment here in Cusco, Peru. From Machu Picchu, Ausangate, Huamanlipa, Huayroruni, and even from Qeros, brothers and sisters, I welcome you here with love, joy, and satisfaction.
I am Eduardo Chura Apaza, descending from the last Inca Allyu Q’eros indigenous group.

With Sandor, my dear friend, we have a lot of experience. We have visited Q’eros and also Machu Picchu, Ausangate, Apu Veronica, Mama Simona, and all around Cusco, Peru. I have my experience and wisdom from the grandmothers and grandfathers, from the Karpay initiation from those ancient times and living culture.
I invite you here in Cusco, Peru, up to Q’eros. With pleasure, we help, with pleasure, we conduct activities, rituals, cleanings, initiations, and various activities here in Cusco, Peru. I am purely from Q’eros, and it is my origin. My father, Francisco Chura Flores, is international paqo, and so am I. We follow the same path, the same hand of our grandparents, continuing to cultivate our culture. Thank you very much, a distant hug from this very special, Sacred Valley. Here is my Misa. I am Paco Pampamisayok, and call sacred energy for the Apus, for the Soul, and the Spirit.

Thank you very much, brothers and sisters, warm greetings from here, Cusco, Peru.”

Culture, History and Spirituality of the Andes: Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountains of Peru - 14 days

First Retreat: May 26-June 8, 2024
Second Retreat: July 14-27, 2024

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Immersion in the Ancient Wisdom of the Q’eros Community at 5000m - 3 days

Extra to First Retreat: June 8-10, 2024
Extra to Second Retreat: July 27-30, 2024

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Q’eros Andes Retreats

At Q’eros Andes Retreats, we believe in the power of ancient wisdom and practices to transform and heal the mind, body and soul. Our retreats offer a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and cultural immersion, guided by local Q'eros shamans. Founded in 2022, we provide a serene and beautiful atmosphere for participants to self-reflect and reconnect with themselves.

Our Retreats are learning trips in the different sacred mountains and a unique experience that clears the mind and soul. We perform physical, spiritual, and mindful activities that change your life.
The ceremonies are for personal healing, empowerment and personal development. At the end of the pilgrimage you can receive the initiation becoming a new Healer or Paqo.

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I, Gal Semer Sandor, will be guiding You during the Retreats and I speak fluent English, German, Romanian and Hungarian. My Spanish is also good.

Why should you choose Q’ero Andes Retreats?

We are committed to provide you an unforgettable experience of traditional Q’ero ceremonies! We are knowledgeable and proud of our ancestral heritage, and we are also experienced in trekking. You will have opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the Andes and visit historical places too, like Machu Picchu ...

Our specialty for the group is an Andean priest, Paqo who will help you connect with nature and yourself through ceremony to the APUS (Sacred Mountains) and PACHAMAMA (Mother Earth) with highly important ceremonies like Karpay. We are dedicated promoting ancestral Andean medicine to find personal development, true love, well-being, health, peace, family harmony, happiness in your heart.

Our mission is to share and to transmit with the world our knowledge about the ancestral medicines, to create in the visitors the respect and the admiration towards the legacy of the culture and the love to the nature and the reciprocity.

What is the difference between the 9 Q’ERO KARPAYS and MUNAY KI?

The Karpay energetic initiation connects the initiated person to the Apus, the Great Archangels of Pachamama. Each Karpay Rite has its coordinating Apu. We will visit the in person together.


Your Guides and Paqos


I was born in Cluj, Romania and have Ph.D. in Technical Science.
I am graduate of the Four Wind Energy Medicine School, with Degree of “Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine” and “Advanced Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine”. I have done this Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountains of Peru with my Q’eros brothers 3 times, becoming myself a healer and Paqo (Pampamesayoq) too.
I am organizing the Q’eros Andean Retreats to help people rediscover the balance in their own life and also the balance between us and Nature.

Is son of Francisco Chura Flores who is internationally well known Andean priest or great Paqo (Pampamisayoq) and was born in the Queros Community known as (the last Inka ayllu) growing and developing the wisdom and knowledge about ancestral healing, being part of a long line of masters of Andean Medicine of Qeros quechua people located in the high Andes of Peru. Don Eduardo is healer, teacher, shaman, Andean priest or Paqo (Pampamisyoq), with a wide experience of more than 20 years developing the knowledge of ancestral Andean medicine, spiritual, mental, and physical healing, creating human consciousness through meditation, ceremonies and Karpay (spiritual initiation) in the energetic places of PACHAMAMA (Mother Earth) and APUS (Sacred Mountains) understanding that for the Andean Cosmovision all the elements of nature have living energy.


I was born in the Q’eros community, and I grew up and studied in the city of Cusco. Later, I graduated from UNSAAC (National University of San Antonio, Cusco) with a professional career in tourism. I finished my English studies there, and I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the United States and other countries to practise my English and to better understand the worldviews of different peoples. I really enjoy sharing the traditions and customs of my own Q’eros Community with people from other countries and other cultures.


I was born in the Q’eros community, and I went to school at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega school in Cusco. Afterwards, I continued my studies at the private technological institute called Antonio Lorena. There I became an official Tourist Guide. But the degree I am most proud of is my spiritual initiation. I have been initiated as a Pampamesayok in the Q’eros tradition. I am able to share the wisdom of my ancestors and the ceremonies of the Q’eros Community. These traditions are all about connecting with the spirits of the mountains and Mother Earth. I will be very happy to share these traditions with you.

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Meet and talk to the Spirit of the Sacred Apu Ausangate in 2 day riding/hiking trip during the 14 days Retreat.

Embracing the Sacred:
Healing Practices of the Q’eros Shamans

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Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: A Journey with Q’eros Shamans DISCONNECT AND RECONNECT…

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Frecvently asked Questions

  • Is it hard to accommodate to altitude?

    We have organized the trip in that way that first week we alternate the altitude of Cusco (3450m) with the Sacred Valley’s (2400m) so your body will get used to. We recomend doing breathing exercises, drinking plenty of water and if needed you can by some oxigen flask from the pharmacy.

  • NO. Our Retreats are based on pure energetic connection between you and Nature and Divine. Our Paqo will lead you to develop this connection. Any use of drugs will lead to immediate exclusion from the group without refund.

  • Cusco and the tourist areas are safe. We are using our private transportation. You will be taken in the morning from hotel and guided whole day and in the evening we will leave you at the hotel. Local people are offering souvenirs to buy but they are not trying to force you to buy something.

  • There is no need to take big amount of cash. Cards are accepted in hotels and restaurants. You can withdraw cash from ATM-s. On local markets, shops and when buying souvenirs from indigenous people cash is needed - local currency or USD.

  • Low cost flights can have delays, but we can recommend you which one you should choose.

  • - We can recommend some bus companies if you want to visit other places, for example south Peru, Lake Titikaka, Nasca ...
    - Cabs in Cusco are reliable. Before stepping in the cab, you negotiate with the driver the price depending on your desired location. Cash is needed. They are not expensive and by personal experience they are not trying to overcharge you.
    - Cabs in Lima are ok also. You can pay by card at the airport at a desk and the driver will take you to the hotel and conduct you inside.

Our Retreats are based on pure energetic connection between You and Nature and Divine. Through the ceremonies our Paqo will lead you to develop this connection. Any use of drugs will lead to immediate exclusion from the group without any refund.


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